G! Magazine - “A Bold Vision: Becka Viau is celebrated for bringing art to the community,” written by Katie smith

Somewheres Exhibition Catalogue – Winter 2014 - Curatorial essay Written by Pan Wendt

Visual Arts News – Summer 2014 - “Creative Dislocation: Somewheres’ Uneasy Impermanence,” written by Leonard Paul MacPherson

Modern Farmer – Spring 2014 – “High Art Hay” written by Karen Pinchin

The Guardian PEI – Winter 2014 - “Art for Thought,” written by Sally Cole

The Guardian PEI – Winter 2014 – “Reception to Celebrate Five New Exhibitions at CCAG,” written by Fraser MacCallum

Visual Art News – Spring 2014 - The Sovereign 01, Becka Viau 2011 – was featured on the cover of this issue. Visual Arts News, Spring 2014 Cover

Visual Art News – Spring 2014 – “Power,” Editorial written by Lizzy Hill

Visual Art News – Spring 2014 – Article about No Name Galleries, curated by Scott Saunders, which exhibited The Queen 2013“Pop Up Halifax: Scott Saunders’ Guerrilla Galleries,” written by Kathleen Higgins

Metro News Halifax – Winter 2013 - “Life behind the glass: Artwork looks to spruce up downtown Halifax,” written by Haley Ryan

CRIT NSCAD – Winter 2013 – “Sovereignty an Interview with Becka Viau,” written by Genevieve Flavelle

Visual Art News – Fall 2011 – Artist Profile – “Hope Horizon,” written by Laura Dawe

The Buzz PEI  – Fall 2010 - “Energy to Burn, Profile Becka Viau,” written by Jane Ledwell

The Guardian PEI – Fall 2010 - “Centre Catalyst,” written by Sally Cole

Young Farmers Exhibition Catalogue – Spring 2009 - Curtatorial essay written by Mireille Eagan


Possibilities – A Bold Vision Essay, written by Becka Viau // Co-Authored by Diana Hosseini, Helaina Lalande, Merray Gerges, Josie Baker and Mireille Eagan, 2014 (upcoming)

                            Major Feature - Essay by Merray Gerges – referenced in the essay Possibilities

Accessing Silence (Through Active Listening) as a Radical Feminist Practice - Essay written by Becka Viau 2014

ECSTATIC - MFA Thesis Statement, written by Becka Viau // Co-Authored by John Mackenzie, 2013

THIS IS CRIT’S CLIT: Zine Intervention in December 2012 Issue of CRIT by Artist Dalty Rose Cambell-Lemire - Review by Becka Viau 2013

Sovereignty Exhibition Catalogue - Essays “Sovereignty” and “Assimilation”  written by Becka Viau, 2012